ULSA is a company characterized by its experience, confidence and security

  • Mission and Vision

    Provide our logistics services

  • Strategy

    Being specialists in business

  • URUGUAY LOGISTICSEfficiency in their logistics operations

    ULSA aims to provide solutions for foreign trade, both for export and import, offering maritime, air and land transport and associated logistics services. ULSA will eliminate spending structure indirect (overhead) and achieve greater efficiency in their logistics operations, and at the same time, focus on key business activities. The general principle governing our activity is the permanent pursuit of excellence in services, supported by a trained staff and experience in the industry, technological support next generation, and an international network of agents provide efficient service in every port / city in the world, guaranteeing the answers in a timely manner

  • Mission and VisionProvide our logistics services

    Provide our logistics services, and others services associated with trade, professionalism, innovation, and commitment, which is done through an efficient and oriented organization for customer satisfaction. Serve as ally of our customers when transacting abroad, offering solutions from consulting and advisory and to competitive transport rates, arriving in a timely manner.

    Become the market leader. Develop our increasingly sustainable business, ensuring our durability over time.

  • Strategy Being specialists in business

    SBeing specialists in business is an added value Ulsa, which makes it unique in the market.                                      Creating lasting value for the customer.     Keep us updated on everything related to foreign trade. Enhance and promote the integral development of our human resources, promoting their professional and personal growth.
    Integrate key suppliers as strategic partners.
    Cooperate with the authorities and integrate areas of desarrollo.Proveer tools to facilitate the development of foreign trade, promoting the growth of our country. Integrating transport and logistics chain, compromising security and stimulating foreign trade and international physical distribution.

About us

ULSA ULSA is a company characterized by its experience, confidence and security. Also for its competitive prices, which make having an excellent position in the region and the world. The geographical strategic position of Uruguay helps ULSA to be the best option as a logistics center and gateway to MERCOSUR.

  • Monitoring operations.
  • More control, knowledge and experience in logistics.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Confidence and security staff.
  • The most appropriate means of transport is selected according to the load, destination and customer needs.
  • Document Efficiency.
  • International network agents.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Specialists in logistics.
  • Provide solutions.
  • We seek permanent excellence.
  • We have staff trained and experience in the field.
  • Last generation technological support.
  • We guarantee answers on time.
  • ULSA is a company that emerged on November 11, 2003 and has been growing steadily. It currently has a significant number of customers that have enabled it to diversify the business, working with all types of loads and to different international destinations.

Our services

Sea shipping

Handling all types of loads, contact all destinations, always with competitive rates, documentation management, and specialized suppliers; arrive in a timely manner, tracking documents from the exit to the arrival of the goods.

Air transport

Selection of the company according to customer needs, management of documentation, arrival in timely manner, tracking documents from the exit to the arrival of the commodity.

Land transport

Supplier diversity enable handling all types of load, and distribution throughout all the region with competitive rates, handling of documentation, arrival in timely manner, tracking documents from the exit to the arrival of the commodities.

Multimodal transport

Coordination between different types of transport for all types of loads to all destinations, with competitive rates, handling of documentation, and a variety of specialized suppliers, arriving in a timely manner, following the documents from the exit to the arrival of the goods.

Cargo insurance

Working together with RSA Insurance. Cargo insurance broker. Hiring adequate insurance charges. Competitive policies. Reliability and safety of the integrity of the merchandises.

Rental and sale of containers

Rental and sale of new and used containers, depending on destination, at very competitive prices. Immediate delivery.


Support throughout all the process of import, export or any other exchange with the outside. Report on aspects to consider and suggestions on decisions to take.

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Company structure

What is 3PL?

It refers to 'Third Party Logistics’ (outsourced logistics). Means hire a specialized company for the logistics of your business, allowing you to focus on key activities of your company.

Why should I use a 3PL?

• Remove overhead.
• Greater responsibility for logistics operations.
• Improve inventory control and cost.
• Be a global trend.
• Reduce capital investment.
• It is an efficient and effective way to increase net profits..

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